Onno’s Retirement

As many of you already know, Onno has retired from clinical practice. He was unable to say goodbye to each client and pet as he would have liked.
However he has left a message for all Abingdon clients.

Dear Clients,

It is with sad news that I announce my retirement. I have had 27 very happy, fulfilling years at Abingdon Veterinary Clinic, during which time I have been involved not only with the lives of thousands of pets but also with those of you, their owners and very intensely so for many. Medicine has changed significantly in the period, with ever expanding treatment options and with ever increasing diagnostic methods. It has been a real pleasure to grow not only with my profession but also with all those pets and their owners that make up the whole.
I have had to step back, earlier than expected, for health reasons. I have had difficulties with my spine and for which surgery has helped but has not been curative and so I need now to better look after my own health.

I have many fond memories, some wonderful stories, some funny ones, some extraordinary ones and some less so. As a Practice, we have probably seen, heard and done virtually everything!

The Practice was handed over in June of last year and for most, there is no discernible change to the way “it feels” nor to the welcome or to the service that you were used to or were expecting. And that is how it should be, because the new owners (DNA Vetcare) were chosen very carefully. DNA is a small independent group of practices sharing their skills and experiences together and is much better placed than me to continue the Practice successfully into the future.

Thank you for being part of our Practice

Onno Wieringa